Essential Heart Sounds

This module, 'Essential Heart Sounds', is designed to provide auscultation instruction with practice exercises. The most important heart sounds found in family practice and internal medicine are covered. Each lesson consists of multiple pages: 1) text description with audio recording; 2)a visualization page with waveform; 3) animation of the heart valves and 4) a practice page. Use the tabs which appear below each lesson's title. 

Navigating A Lesson

Each lesson has three pages. Use the navigation tabs which appear under the lesson title to view pages with: 1) audio & sound description; 2) visualization of the heart sound; 3) lesson practice. A screen shot of these navigation tabs is displayed below.
heart sounds lesson navigation tabs

Please use good quality headphones or earphones.

Begin Module

Table of Contents
1Normal First and Second Heart Sounds - No Splitting
2Reduced Intensity First and Second Heart Sounds
3Split Second Heart Sound
4Third Heart Sound (S3) Gallop
5Fourth Heart Sound (S4) Gallop
6Third and Fourth Heart Sound Gallop
7Summation Gallop at 120 beats per minute
8Fixed Splitting of Second Heart Sound
9Mid-Systolic Click
10Systolic Murmur - Aortic Stenosis
11Diastolic Murmur - Aortic Regurgitation
12Mitral Valve Leaflet Prolapse
13Pansystolic Murmur - Mitral Regurgitation checkmark
14Diastolic Murmur - Mitral Stenosis